Customized Carbon Fibre Weld Cleaning Brush For Clean Passivate And Polish Stainless Steel Welds After TIG and MIG

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Carbon fiber brush has the characteristics of common carbon materials, such as resistance to high temperature, friction,electricity, heat and corrosion.But unlike ordinary carbon materials, there is a significant anisotropy, soft.It is important that the microcrystalline structure has a preferential orientation along the fiber axis, so it has high tensile strength and young’s modulus along the fiber axis direction.Because of its small density, carbon fiber has high specific strength and modulus.Make it into composite materials, and you become the almighty of the material world.We have experienced after – sales team, to the customer’s comments and Suggestions to launch a number of customized programs for customers to choose.





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Can be customized many specifications and sizes


Super conductive 

1 meter long electrostatic brush resistance R is 1 or less Ω, electrical conductivity of carbon fiber higher than normal between 30 and 100 times or more.Its conductivity has the fine characteristic of metal conductor.
Special softness
with the same softness as cloth, will not bruise the contact film, can effectively and timely eliminate static electricity.

Resistance to wear and corrosion

long-term immersion in toluene, butanone and other solvents without changing the characteristics.Its stable performance,especially suitable for long-term use in the plastic and paper industry.Especially suitable for film production and printing line installation.Flame resistance 

Not afraid of fire, and after the fire does not change the performance.

Advantage 1

The brush itself has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature freezing resistance.

Advantage 2

The casing of heat shrinkable pipe or silica gel casing can be selected according to the actual working conditions.

Advantage 3

The tube is made of red copper (pure copper), which does not contain any impurities and fully activates free ions, giving full play to the electrical conductivity and increasing the cleaning efficiency and effect.

 Advantage 4

Resistance to high temperature 300˚ C.
The use of Toray carbon fiber, the resistance is very small, the carbon fiber brush wire conductivity to the extreme.

Advantage 5

Pay attention for the original material:
Japan super conducting carbon fiber, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, many tests, the best material.
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1. Are you factory /manufactureer or trade?     

   We are direct factory who owns production lines and works.Everything is flexible and there is no need to worry about extra charges by the middle man or trader.     

2 .Which countries do you export to?     

   Our goods are mainly exported to Australia,Canada,Uk,USA,Germany,Thailand,south korea and so on.     

3 .Can I get free samples?     

   If the sample is available,yes,can be free.If unavailable ,can be dissccuss to decide .

4 .What is your minimum order quntity?     

   Actually there is no MOQ  1 pcs .     

5 .Which payment method you can accept?       

   generally we adopt T/T,LC,West union,PayPal     

6 .What about delivery time .     

  within 10days ,if more discuss with us if have store .

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