DCR 1L/ 2L 220V Electromagnetic Automatic Lubricating oil pump

Short Description:

Structure: Single-stage Pump
Power: Electric
Pressure: LOW Pressure
Usage: Oil
Model Number:DCR
Theory:Electromagnetic Pump
Application: Lubrication
Capacity: 1L /2C
Voltage: 220V
DLS Dressure:0.6-1.0Mpa
DLS VOL: 50 ml/min

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Factory good sales with low price !! There have two type : 1 liter 2 liter electromagnetic lubrication pump, 220V, compact and durable, very suitable for the centralized lubrication system of small equipment.

Working principle 

The automatic lubricating oil pump for CNC machine is a pump that drives the piston to reciprocate and transport oil through the alternating electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic field. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, complete functions and high cost performance. It can replace electric piston pump and is suitable for centralized lubrication of small mechanical equipment with few lubrication points.


Equipped with a liquid level switch, a controller, and a jog switch. According to different systems, a pressure switch can also be configured. The controlled signal can also be directly connected to the user’s host PLC. It can monitor the oil level in the oil tank and the pressure of the oil delivery system and set the lubrication cycle.
This product is widely used in various lubrication systems for machine tools, forging, textile, printing, plastics, rubber, construction, engineering, light industry and other mechanical equipment.


Pressure 0.6-1.0Mpa Voltage 220V /110V 
Name Solenoid valve oil pump power 28W
Model DCR50 Current 0.35A
preset pressure 10kg Volume rate ≥ 75%
Flow rate  50ml/min Use oil viscosity 68-1300cst
operation hours [1~999 seconds] Intervals (1~999 minutes]

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