What is the progressive lubrication system and its working principle?


How the system works:

1. The progressive system consists of electric grease pump unit, progressive distributor, pipeline components and electrical monitoring.

2. The grease is pumped, distributed through the progressive distributor, and finally transmitted to the lubrication point.

3. The grease is accurately separated through the distributor plunger.

4. After oil is discharged from one outlet of the distributor, oil can be discharged from its next outlet. Easy to monitor.

Main features:

It is suitable for small and medium-sized machinery requiring continuous lubrication.

The progressive system provides continuous lubrication as long as the pump is running. Once the pump stops, the piston of the progressive metering device will stop in its current position. When the pump starts supplying lubricating oil again, the piston will continue to work where it leaves. Therefore, when only one lubrication point is blocked, the progressive circuit at one outlet of the pump will stop. Blockade is a means of control that forces personnel to serve the system.

Depending on the metering device selected, only one outlet of the primary metering device at one pump outlet or one outlet of the secondary metering device can be visually or electrically monitored. Main application fields:

l Construction machinery (concrete pump, mortar pump, loader, excavator, trench machine)

l Road truck (snow removal, waste paper)

l Agricultural machinery (harvester, baler, spreader, sugarcane loader)

l Wood Reclaimer

l Material handling (to stacker, crane)

l Asphalt mixing plant

l  Wind power generator

l Food and beverage facilities (fillers, washing machines)

l Reciprocating compressor for oil and gas industry

The shore crane is lubricated with steel wire at the lubrication position, and the walking wheel set mainly adopts the progressive system


Wind power yaw friction plate adopts progressive system


The beverage production line adopts progressive lubrication system

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