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Progressive Lubrication System(PRG)
Progressive lubrication systems consist of a lubricator, progressive distributors, pipeline accessories and controllers. Features include: accurate metering of volume depending on piston diameter and stroke, easy installation, adjustment and maintenance. The PRG system is widely used in mining, steel mills, metallurgy, vehicles, harbors, construction machinery and other industries. The lubricant used is from NLGI-000 toNLGI-2, while system pressure ranges from 20 to 45Mpa. The filter element is 150μ.The progressive distributor is divided into two kinds of distributors: a center progressive distributor and a model progressive distributor. There is a choice of segment combinations, effectively ranging from periodic to near continuous lubrication.
Advantages: Precise discharge – All points can be fed and monitor individually – Trouble free installation – Easily pinpoints system issues

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The DSV series progressive distributor is designed for small-size progressive lubrication systems. They are a cost efficient solution for supplying multiple lubrication points with relatively small volumes of oil and grease. The MVB series can be used with machine tools, processing machinery, presses, textile, printing and packaging machinery. The DSV is also suitable for mobile applications, including off-road equipment.

1 Oil Outlet 
MVB Standard Flow : 0.17ml

2 Distribution principle

The plunger sleeve is connected through the oil hole to establish pressure. As long as there is pressure to allow the lubricant to enter the oil mouth, the distributor will run continuously in a progressive manner and fill with a constant displacement.

Once the supplied pressure lubricant stops, all of the plungers in the dispenser will also stop moving. Therefore, by operating a specific indicator to observe the movement of an oil discharge plunger, the operation of the entire distributor can be monitored. In the event of a blockage, an alarm can be issued.
4.Oil Outlet
The plunger which closest to the oil inlet ,discharges the lubricant oil first from the farthest oil outlet , and the other plungers in the valve body discharge the quantitative lubricant through the next oil outlet.


Operating pressure max:  30MPa     
Max. differential pressure between 2 outlets: 7MPa
Discharge per outlet::0.17ml3/cyc
Ambient temperature:-20°C to +80°C    
Grease lubricants:NLGI 000 # to 2#; Oil ISO VG 68 to 1500 at operating temperature

MODEL NO . Discharge per outlet Max Working Pressure Inlet thread Outlet for pipe dia L (mm) Max. differential pressure between 2 outlets Install hole distance(mm) Working Temprate Grease lubricants
DSV-6.           Standard Flow 0.17ml/cyc 30Mpa Rp1/8 Φ6 60 7Mpa 20 From -20℃To 80℃ (NLGI)#000,#00,#0,#1,#2                     ;Oil ISO VG 68 to 1500
DSV-8 75
DSV-10 90
DSV-12 105
DSV-14 120
DSV-16 135
DSV-18 150
DSV-20 165

Progressive oil supply, modular structure for easy replacement
Up to 300 BAR working pressure, long life, suitable for high temperature, low temperature, corrosion and other environments
Easy to monitor, configurable cycle indicator rod
Carbon steel or stainless steel optional
Use media: (NLGI)#000,#00,#0,#1,#2
The various outlets are related to each other, and the system supervision is very simple.
Number of outlets Max 22 pcs


• No rubber seals
• Single block design
• Internal combining of outlets • Exact lubricant metering
• Easy to monitor
• Fault-free replacement:

should a metering device be exchanged, connection and output or adjustment errors are avoided

• High operating pressure

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